Djeco Totem zen

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Discover Totem Zen by Djeco, a wonderful game of dexterity and manipulation. A game of skill in which you will have to reproduce the requested totems using your chopsticks.

  • To start, everyone rushes to catch the right beads with their wand, then very delicately they have to build their totem without it falling. Who will be able to stay zen?
  • The speed of the actions forces you to concentrate in order to successfully hold your totem
  • The chopstick holders are practical for handling the chopsticks.
  • The game contains: 4 boards, 26 cards, 4 pairs of chopsticks and 64 wooden beads, 4 plastic chopstick holders and the rules of the game in 10 languages.
  • To play from 2 to 4 players
  • Age: 6+
  • Game: 15 min
  • Dimensions of the box: 21.5 x 21.5 x 3 cm
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