Londji Inside Me

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A game to discover your inner beauty. Learn 96 parts of the human body in an easy and fun way!

"Inside Me" is a game that:

· With it we will learn different parts of the human body

· It allows to know the name and position of organs, muscles and bones of the human body

· It is a learning material (through play and repetition)

· There is the possibility of playing with 6 different languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian, German and Catalan

· It allows a second variant of the game by playing with the other side of the counters


  • Illustration Queralt Armengol
  • Age From 7 years old
  • Material: FSC paper and recycled cardboard
  • Packaging Sturdy cardboard box
  • Box Size 17,5 x 17,5 x 8 cm
  • Number of players 2-6
  • Duration of the game 15 mn
  • 7 years old +
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