Minna Tableware Set

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  • Color: Almond Cocoa
  • Simple in form but designed to be playful, light and functional
  • Soft, touchable and lovely to hold for little hands
  • The special curved straw designed to get every last sip without ever tipping the cup
  • Unbreakable, dishwasher and  microwave safe
  • Wipeable for easy cleanup
  • Each set is packaged in a reusable bag that can be used for snacks, toys, treasures or for taking your set on the go!
  • All producst are 100% Silicone as it is non-toxic and resistant to heat and cold temperatures
  • BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalate free
  • Silicone is more ocean friendly than plastic as it won’t degrade into micro fragments
  • It  is also durable which is great for kids who like to throw things, they will not crack or break
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